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What is PVC Boards used for?

  • Yachts and Motorhomes
  • Furniture and Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathrooms (waterproof advantage)
  • Ceilings (durability and light weight)
  • Advertising and POP Displays
  • Shopfitting/ Office & Laboratory Interiors

Where can I purchase White PVC Boards?


  • Best Boards Xpress
  • Simply Cabinet Doors
  • Topworx
  • The Board Store
  • The Board Shop
  • Chipbase Retreat
  • Timbercity Somerset West;
  • Timbercity Stellenbosch &
  • Timbercity Cape Town
  • Builders Warehouse Cape Gate
  • Builders Warehouse Somerset
  • Builders Warehouse Constantia
  • Builders Warehouse Ysterplaat
  • Builders Warehouse Tableview


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